Selling Your Home? Use These 7 Marketing Strategies

We all want to sell our house as quickly as possible without spending an arm and a leg on professional marketing. The good news is, there are many ways we can utilize the internet, events, signage, and other media to get the word out about our properties.

1. Post ads on Craigslist.

Craigslist is a hot spot for buying and selling in today’s society. It is wise to utilize this high traffic market by posting ads. Posting ads on Craigslist is free! For information on how to post ads, visit Once you have created an ad, be sure to renew it as often as possible for the most view time (once every two days is a good idea). You will also need to create a new ad every 30-45 days.

2. Use social media.

Social media buttonsPretty much everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram on a daily basis. Why not use this opportunity to advertise your property? It only makes sense that the most interest on your property will be generated when it is exposed to the greatest amount of people. You never know if your old college friend is moving to your area and needs to buy a house like yours. A shared listing post could sell your house.

3. Send out ads on Postlets.

Zillow has produced a website called Postlets that allows you to create home selling and rental ads that they will send out to over 20 different websites. Among these websites are Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Homes, HGTV Front Door, and MSN Real Estate. Posting to Postlets will save you hours you could have spent posting individually to real estate websites. Again, a greater audience tends to generate greater interest. You can check out Postlets and how it works at the following link:

4. Host an open house.

Real Estate AgentWhile this may seem more old-fashioned than the other strategies, hosting a great open house will often give you greater success than any of the above options. People who visit a house in person are more likely to picture themselves living there and are more likely to make an offer. The problem with open houses is that they are much more involved than posting an ad online. You will really want your real estate agent to help you host this to ensure it is a success. A half-hearted attempt at an open house is usually a waste of time. For more information on how to host a great open house, check out our previous posts Make Sure Your Agent Gives you the Best Open House Ever and Having an Open House? Do These 8 Things to Ensure You Receive an Offer!

5. Purchase and put up signage.

It would be a shame if your neighbors didn’t know you were selling your house because you didn’t have a sign in your yard. By putting up signs in and around your neighborhood, you can more easily engage those who live around you. Your neighbors can (and often will) recommend the area, and even your house, to their family and friends who may be looking to purchase new home. However, if you don’t advertise to your own neighborhood, you will lose those allies.

6. Post to the Multiple Listing Service.

mls-logoThe Multiple Listing Service is a service where realtors from all over the country can post about real estate listings. You, as the home seller, will not have direct access to MLS. However, your real estate agent will. Make sure they post your property listing on MLS. By having your property listed on the service, you have just given thousands and thousands of realtors access to your property’s information so they can suggest it to their clients if it seems like a good fit.

7. Create newspaper ads.

This method may seem old fashioned. However, by only posting on internet media, you may exclude a whole group of people who prefer paper media. Many people still read the newspaper on a daily basis. By advertising in newspapers, you ensure that local people know that your house is for sale. This can often generate even more interest in your property. Be sure that the ads you or your realtor create represent your property well. Often the quality of your ad will reflect the quality of your house in the mind of the reader.

These Seven Marketing Strategies are sure to give you the advertising variety and broad reach you are looking for as the home seller. Selling a house can be a long, arduous process, but by effectively using the advertising avenues around you, more interest can be generated quickly. If you are looking to sell your house in Louisville, Kentucky, quickly, as is, and for cash, or are looking for a real estate agent to partner with, don’t hesitate to Contact Us here at LST Properties. Call today for a no-obligation offer!

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