Our Team

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Alex Parker: Managing Partner

Meet Alex, the brainchild of Low Stress Transaction Properties. Alex is the proud founder and managing partner of this Louisville-based real estate corporation. Alex earned degrees in Economics and Communications from Denison University, where he acted as President of the Entrepreneurship Club for two years. He went on to gain beneficial insight while working at a renowned hedge fund on Wall Street, after which he moved back home to Louisville. Alex pursued his passions of entrepreneurship and real estate to eventually result in the formation of LST Properties.  Alex is genuinely committed to reinvesting back into his community and improving neighborhoods one house at a time. He always strives to do business with the upmost integrity and truly seeks to find the best solution for those who are in need of help.

Favorite Quote: “When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.” -The Alchemist

Passions: entrepreneurship, real estate, snowboarding, community service, boating, hiking, family and friends


Matt Germond joins LST Properties and CAP Venture Group, Inc. from the world of sales and customer relations. Matt graduated with honors from University of Louisville’ Pre-law program (even though he bleeds blue) where he received his Bachelor’s Degree. Instead of pursuing Law, he went out into the world to help other people and begin his career. Matt decided to channel his love for helping others and real estate and join our team. Matt’s main goal is to help good people get out of bad situations in his management role.

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As Office Manager, Tracy Loy brings years of professional communications and paralegal experience to this position. She graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors in Communications and followed up with a Professional Paralegal Certification. Not only does she “keep the lights on” but she also covers property closings for Alex when he is busy acquiring more great houses to rehab! She is our Notary Public, keeps us organized, pays attention to the details, and also functions as Property Manager for our rental properties.

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Libby Whitaker joined LST Properties in May 2016. She graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Liberal Arts, where she acquired an array of skills including data analysis, project management, and leadership. She got her passion for real estate from her parents, who moved every two to three years, and actively involved their children in area and house selection, home remodeling and product selection. Libby enjoys being outdoors (as long as there are no mosquitoes), hiking, fostering animals through the Kentucky Humane Society, and bandwagon fitness.


Gatsby Parker: Mascot

Meet Gatsby, our office mascot. A friendly, entertaining, and sometimes misbehaving Golden Doodle, Gatsby brings energy and love to LST Properties. We can always count on Gatsby to make a good impression by jumping on people or stealing their writing utensils.

Favorite Quote: “Want a treat?” -Alex Parker

Passions: chewing on Sharpies, barking, eating, sleeping