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Facing Foreclosure? Learn About Your Options, Now!

Hearing the diagnosis “foreclosure” evokes so many fears, frustrations, confusions, and feelings of hopelessness. But what if foreclosure doesn’t have to end in financial obliteration? There are many different options that can rescue you from foreclosure. As a homeowner in Louisville, Kentucky, there are a variety of factors that influence your decision regarding foreclosure. Your home…Read More→

Having an Open House? Do These 8 Things to Ensure You Receive an Offer!

Are you a real estate agent or a homeowner looking to host your own open house? Open houses are a great way to show off properties and generate interest in a property quickly. However, many people end up wasting time and energy by hosting unsuccessful open houses. Sometimes no one shows up. Sometimes the house…Read More→

Make Sure Your Agent Gives you the Best Open House Ever

“Don’t forget to clean your room before we leave!” “Honey, where’s the Febreze?” “Straighten up the basement.” “Hide the baskets of dirty laundry!” “Move the lamp in front of that hole in the wall, Susie.” “Oh Jonny, why’d you have to let the dog in the house? He just got mud all over the floor!”…Read More→