What Can LST Properties Do For You?

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 5.34.44 PMSelling your house can be a stressful and confusing process, especially if you are under pressure to sell quickly or have a home that could use some work. Low Stress Transaction Properties can simplify all of this for you by giving you a one-stop real estate solution to your Louisville, KY real estate problems. LST Properties will pay you cash, close quickly, and buy the property in as-is condition. What this means for you is that you get out of your situation fast and quickly with little-to-no stress. LST Properties is a locally-owned real estate investment company that has been in Louisville, KY for several years.

Explore our website or contact Matt or Alex directly at 502.822.3633 with any questions and to ensure you are working with an official, local licensee.

Benefits of working with LST Properties

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 5.35.59 PMLST Properties has been a real estate investment company in Louisville, KY for several years and has had its fair deal of transactions. Last year LST Properties bought and sold 14 different houses so we are very knowledgeable about the transaction side of buying a house. If you are behind on your monthly mortgage payments or owe more on your house then the house is worth, we can help save you from foreclosure. There are ways to stop foreclosures and stay in the house; get more information at www.ForeclosureLouisvilleKY.com. Refinancing and loan modification are just a few common ones that we can help you with. By calling 502.822.3633 and talking to Matt or Alex, we can save your home!

Situations we can help homeowners with:

  • Pre-foreclosure
  • Mismanaged Rentals
  • Bankruptcy
  • Loss of Job
  • Failed Business
  • Failed Rehabber
  • Little or No Equity
  • Behind on Mortgage Payments
  • Divorce
  • Outgrown House
  • Retiring to another state
  • Job transfer
  • Death of Family Member
  • Inherited Property
  • Property Sitting on Market
  • Moving away
  • Vacant Property
  • Title Problems
  • House Needs Repair
  • Bad Credit
  • …And much more

How we can help

1. We buy in as-is condition

If your house is outdated, needs a new roof, needs new windows, needs electrical or plumbing repairs, or needs new floors we will take it off your hands without you doing any improvement work. Whatever your case is, we can help you get out of your house without you spending your time and money to try and fix the problems. As-is condition is just like it sounds: your problems become our problem. After we close on your house, you just leave and we do the rest. We know that everyone has a busy life and most of the time there are other things on your agenda besides repairing a house. That is why we enjoy lending a helping hand and paying you in the process. Call Matt or Alex today at 502.822.3633 for a free evaluation of your home.

2. We can close fast

We can close in as little as 7 days once a contract has been signed. This is because of our ability to pay cash at the closing table and not have to go through all the time-consuming bank processes. We pride ourselves on fast responses and over-delivering on customer service, and by putting your needs first we can make a quick and stress-free transaction for you during your real estate transaction.

3. We will pay cash

Lastly, we will put cash in your hand and your home is sold!

How do I get an offer on my house?

Follow these three easy steps for selling your home to us.

  1. Step One – Call Us
  2. Step Two – We will Take a Look at Your House
  3. Step Three – We Make an Offer
  4. Step Four – We Pay Cash and Close!

For more information on how to sell your house or buy a house from us call Matt or Alex at 502.822.3633!

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