You Should Sell to an Investor and Here’s Why

When you decide to sell your home, there are many factors at play. You’re looking to upsize or downsize, searching for a larger kitchen, or a smaller junk room. You’re concerned about where you’re heading next, how many homes are selling in your local area, and will, in fact, be able to find space for your cat’s huge tower in the next area. However, you may not have considered who will be purchasing your home. Here are six reasons you should sell to an investor.

You Have More Potential for Profit

During a traditional home sale, a realtor will charge a portion of the sale of the house, as their commission fee. These fees can be anywhere from 4-6% of the final sale. So if your house sells for $100,000, the buyer’s and seller’s realtors will split up to $6,000. By selling your home to an investor, you could get a higher profit from your home, and put those commissions in your pocket instead of someone else’s.

There’s No Need to Update or Repair Anything

The time, effort, and cost of updating a home can be an absolute pain. Selling your home to a traditional buyer is difficult because most traditional buyers want a move-in ready, updated home and homes that require major repairs such as mold remediation, plumbing or electrical damage, holes in walls or floors, or large landscaping jobs, typically are a harder sell. An investor will calculate these repairs into their purchase price, which is sometimes too invasive for a traditional home buyer to want to attempt. Most investors will purchase homes as-is and will budget to have the home updated after the purchase.

You have Extenuating Circumstances

If you are late on your mortgage, likely you are in the early stages of foreclosure. In order to avoid foreclosure, a short sale must be made. There are certain investors that specialize in short sale negotiation and would be happy to help you talk with the bank and negotiate a selling price that is fair for everyone. You can walk away from the debt of your home, and have a smaller negative implication on your credit and future buying capabilities than if your home went through the foreclosure process.

It’s a Cash Deal and a Fast Closing

By selling your home to a cash buyer, sellers save the time that a traditional buyer would spend getting their financing figured out. Cash transactions are processed much faster and allow you to move on much quicker. Most investors will offer a closing as soon as 7 business days from the signing of a contract.

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